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Go Solar and Save on Your Monthly Electric Bill

Since purchasing solar panels means that you generate clean, renewable energy for your home, it can also mean a reduction or even elimination of your monthly electricity bills.

Fill out our online request form or call 732-938-7892 for your FREE, no-obligation solar assessment.

NJR Home Services Advantage

The advantage of going solar with NJR Home Services is that we handle the whole process from system design to paperwork, permits and inspections.

Among the many benefits of switching to solar are the rebates and financial incentives offered by many state and federal governments and even utilities. NJR Home Services also has a financing program to help you make the transition.

With all of its advantages, going solar just makes sense. And at NJR Home Services, we take care of the whole process from start to finish. Because we make it easy to switch to solar, buying solar panels is not only easy on your budget, it’s also easy on your mind.

Our goal of a customized solution to your energy needs that pays you back with lower energy costs makes NJR Home Services the perfect choice for your home solar system.

NJR Home Services has a team of knowledgeable solar professionals to help you produce clean, renewable energy for your home. Let’s start with a few simple questions to determine if your household is a strong candidate for solar energy.

How much is your monthly electric bill?
By knowing your energy costs, we can help determine what your potential monthly savings will be with solar power.

How much sunlight does your roof typically receive?
Direct sunlight is the key to powering solar panels and a southerly facing roof with very little shade is ideal.

What kind of roof do you have?
Sturdier materials such as asphalt, composite shingle or standing seam metal are the best fit for solar panels. But going solar is still possible with other roof types.

What is the condition of your roof?
Since solar panels can generate power for as much as 20-25 years, the age and condition of your roof are important to know prior to installation. Either a newer roof (under 5 years old) or one that’s still in good condition is your best bet for extending the lifespan of your solar panels.

The next step is to schedule a free consultation with one of our expert solar energy consultants. They will assess your home to see if it’s the right fit for solar, and they will look at your monthly energy usage to determine your potential savings. Our team evaluates each case separately because every family has different energy requirements.

Call us at 732-938-7892 and start saving with solar today!



NJR Home Services provides installation, service and repair to residential customers within the following counties in New Jersey: Monmouth, Ocean, Morris, Atlantic*, Burlington*, Essex*, Hunterdon*, Mercer*, Middlesex*, Somerset*, Sussex*, Union* and Warren*.
*Partial service to county, please call us at 877-HOMENJR (466-3657) for details.

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